Mesa Consulting Group, Inc. offers a comprehensive improvement methodology and statistical training which builds on the following philosophies:

  • Profit is the number one objective of business!
  • Train for Impact –  business results are more important than training numbers!
  • Management commitment and visibility are crucial to success!
  • Decisions should be based on DATA and the correct analysis of data, not “gut feel”
  • Facilities can benefit from the development of internal expertise
  • Statistics training can be fun and easy!


Statistics Training
Mesa Consulting Group, Inc. offers a Statistical Program Series that includes Statistical Process Control, Working with Data, and  Design of Experiments.  Optional modules are available for process industries.  These courses cover the majority of the required statistics for Six Sigma. Additionally, Mesa Consulting Group, Inc. provides a Statistical Sampling for Drug Testing Workshop for forensic analysts.

Successful Six Sigma
Mesa Consulting Group, Inc. provides a complete Six Sigma curriculum to meet your Black Belt and Green Belt training needs.  The curriculum for Black Belts takes four weeks (one week per month for four months) with participants working on an actual project as the training progresses.   Management leadership and commitment are key to the success of Six Sigma.  To that end we provide training for the management team which includes development of an implementation plan.

Continuous Improvement Training
Mesa Consulting Group, Inc. provides two improvement methodologies, Process Mapping and Process Management, that utilizes teams to focus on process and customer issues.  Process Mapping is better suited to service applications, whereas Process Management works best in manufacturing settings.  In addition, we offer Meeting Management training for team leaders and facilitators.  Change agents or improvement coordinators will benefit from the Leading Process Management workshop.

ISO-9001 and ISO/TS-16949 Training
MCG provides training services for Management Overview,  Implementation, Project Management, Internal Auditing and Failure Mode and Effects Analysis.    Additional topics can be covered on a customized basis.

Quality Function Deployment (QFD)

Training Aids
Mesa Consulting Group, Inc. uses several training aids to help convey statistical concepts.   It is our experience that if students generate data from a process in which they have no ownership, that concepts and analysis tools become easier to follow.

Training Schedule