Statistics Training

Statistics can be FUN and EASY!

“You should not teach statistics but rather teach how to use statistics to solve problems.  Employees don’t need statistics – they need to solve problems.”
Jeffrey H. Hooper, Quality Progress, February, 1989

Founded on these philosophies Mesa Consulting Group, Inc. has developed a Statistical Program Series which is based on a common Improvement Project Flow.  Our experience has shown us that the difficult part of using statistical tools is knowing when and where to use a particular tool, not how to do the calculations.  By teaching the tools around a Project Flow we give participants a method for determining the correct application of the various tools.

We also have found that participants can learn more about actually conducting a project if they are required to collect real data.   We accomplish this by using a quincunx, bead bowl or a catapult to generate data.   Not only does this require the students to determine how to collect the data and manage the project, but it is FUN!


Statistical Process Control
This seminar enables participants to solve problems using basic statistical tools and graphical analysis.  Topics include problem solving, the seven basic tools, control charts, and capability analysis.  The learning process is hands-on with a catapult, bead bowl and process simulator (quincunx) used to generate data.  An excellent program for supervisors, engineers, managers and technical personnel from manufacturing functions. (3 days)

Statistical Process Control for the Process Industries
This workshop emphasizes control chart methods more applicable to process industries both batch and continuous.  These methods include Exponentially Weighted Moving Average, EWMA, control charts, Cumulative Sum, Cusum, control chart and Autoregressive Integrated Moving Average, ARIMA, models.

Working with Data
To improve data based decision making this workshop is an in-depth presentation of hypothesis testing, confidence internal estimation, sample size determination and analysis of variance and regression analysis.   MINITAB® statistical software is used throughout the workshop to maximize learning time.  Participants receive a 30-day trial copy of the software upon completion of the program.  Mesa Consulting Group is an authorized dealer of Minitab.  Contact us at for a price quote.  An excellent workshop for engineers, managers and technical personnel from manufacturing, product development and research functions. (4 days)

Design of Experiments
Designed experiments are powerful tools for improving products and processes.  Course covers determining the cause and effect relationship between controllable variables and output characteristics, including quality, cost and performance.  Learn to plan, execute and analyze designed experiments for complex situations.  Design-Expert®   software is used to maximize the learning experience. Participants receive a 180 day free trial of the software package.  An excellent workshop for engineers, managers and technical personnel who seek answers to complex questions. (4 days)

Basic Statistics and Statistical Sampling for Drug Testing
This workshop will increase forensic analysts ability and confidence to give testimony concerning sampling and testing of drug seizures.