Successful Six Sigma

A comprehensive and customizable Black Belt , Green Belt and Champion curriculum that will meet all of a company’s Six Sigma training needs.

If you only need to have statistics training for Six Sigma consider taking Statistics for Six Sigma or our Statistics Series of Statistical Process Control (SPC), Working with Data and Design of Experiments

Since its inception in the mid-eighties Six Sigma has taken the corporate world by storm.  With cheerleaders such as Jack Welch, many companies have used it to increase profitability and improve customer satisfaction.

Six Sigma has a few strong success factors that make is unique when compare to previous quality initiatives.  Those factors include:

  • Management Commitment and Leadership
  • Focus on bottom-line results and accountability
  • Use of dedicated resources
  • Establishment of common metrics which reflect business success
  • Fact based decision making
  • Project management approach to quality improvement


Mesa Consulting Group, Inc. has developed successful six sigma, a 15 day curriculum to meet the training needs of Black Belt project leaders.  This curriculum brings together our various training workshops in project management, team management, meeting management, voice of the customer, failure mode and effects analysis, process mapping, statistics, statistical process control, and design of experiments.
Statistics can be FUN and EASY!

Based on this philosophy Mesa Consulting Group, Inc. has made the Successful Six Sigma training enjoyable and easy to follow.   Our experience has shown us that the difficult part of using statistical tools is knowing when and where to use a particular tool, not how to do the calculations.  Successful Six Sigma gives participants a method for determining the correct application of the various tools.

We also have found that participants can learn more about actually conducting a project if they are required to collect real data.   In the classes we accomplish this by using a quincunx, bead bowl or a catapult to generate data.   Not only does this require the students to determine how to collect the data and manage the project, but it is FUN!   Outside of the class sessions this is accomplished by requiring participants to work on a project as they progress through the training.

To make the statistics easier, MINITAB® statistical software is used throughout the workshops.   Mesa Consulting Group is an authorized dealer of MINITAB®.   For design of experiments Design-Expert® software is used.
Our training can be very economical for your company since it is done on-site and is billed on a per class basis not a per student basis!  Call us to receive a proposal.