Statistical Process Control Course Outline

This seminar enables the participant to utilize the seven basic tools of SPC.  The seven basic tools of SPC are taught in the context of a problem solving process.  Topics include the seven basic tools, control charts, and capability analysis.  The learning process is hands-on with a catapult, bead bowl and process simulator (quincunx) used to generate data.  Control charts for short runs, or process industries can be covered in optional modules.

Managers, engineers, supervisors, technicians and operators involved in SPC implementation.

Seminar Objectives
To enable participants to solve problems using basic statistical and graphical analysis.  Specific skills accomplished include:

  • Ability to solve problems through the use of basic SQC tools
  • Understanding of problem solving methods and prevention based quality assurance
  • Understanding variability
  • Construction and interpretation of histograms, Pareto charts, run charts, and scatter diagrams
  • Use of checksheets, cause and effect diagrams, and flow charts
  • Selection, construction and interpretation of various control charts
  • Ability to calculate process capability

Three days

Introduction to SPC

Statistical Problem Solving Process

Cost of Quality

Basic Tools of Problem Solving

  • Pareto Analysis
  • Flow Charts
  • Cause and Effect Analysis
  • Data Collection
  • Check sheets
  • Scatter Diagrams
  • Histograms
  • Run Charts

Control Charts

  • Statistical Fundamentals – Central Limit Theorem
  • X-Bar, R charts
  • Control Chart Interpretation
  • Rational Subgrouping
  • X-Bar, MR charts for individuals
  • Zone Control Charts for individuals
  • Charts for continuous processes
  • p-Charts
  • np-Charts
  • c-Charts
  • u-Charts

Optional Modules for On-Site Workshops

  • Process Industries – Cusum and EWMA charts, ARIMA models
  • Short Run Processes
  • Batch Processes

Process Capability Analysis

  • Using histograms
  • Using Control Charts for Capability Analysis
  • Cp, Cpk Indices
  • Gage capability

SPC Implementation

  • Implementation considerations