Working with Data

This seminar provides the participant with the ability to make better data based decisions through an in-depth knowledge of hypothesis testing, confidence interval estimation, sample size determination, analysis of variance and regression analysis.
Statistical software is used throughout the workshop to maximize learning time.  Participants receive a 30 day trial version of MINITAB®.  Mesa Consulting Group is an authorized dealer of Minitab.  Contact us at for a price quote.

Engineers, managers and technical personnel from manufacturing, product development and research functions.

Seminar Objectives
To enable individuals to make better decisions through the use of basic statistical techniques. Expected results include:

  • Understanding of basic statistical tools and their use
  • Ability to formulate and test a hypothesis for either means or variances
  • Improved application of results through the understanding and use of confidence intervals
  • Proper sample size determination
  • Basic skills and knowledge in analysis of variance and multiple comparisons
  • Proper use and interpretation of linear regression analysis, including assumptions and common pitfalls



  • Four days



Descriptive Statistics

  • Histograms and Box Plots
  • Sample Statistics

Probability Distributions

  • Concepts
  • Normal Distribution
  • Binomial Distribution
  • Poisson Distribution

Confidence Intervals

  • Means
  • Standard Deviations and Variances
  • Sample Size Determination

Hypothesis Testing

  • Alpha and Beta risk
  • Means
  • Variances

Analysis of Variance

  • One-way ANOVA
  • Multiple Comparisons

Linear Regression

  • Regression Models
  • Least Squares Estimating
  • Confidence Intervals
  • Model Diagnostics

Problems in Regression Application

  • Testing Assumptions
  • Extrapolation