Design of Experiments

Do you have processes and problems that make you pull your hair out?

Tame those rogue processes and make them perform!  Learn proven techniques for dissecting complex processes and determining the optimum operating levels.

Workshop Topics

Simple Comparative Experiments:
Your guide to answering the question “Are they really different?”

Single Factor Experiments:
How to analyze a process when there is only one factor of interest.  Your guide to answering the  questions: “How many samples do I need?” or  “What order do I have to run my trials?” and others.

Factorial Experiments:
How often do you only have one variable to look at? RARELY!  Factorial experiments are time-proven techniques for examining several factors together.  Learn to answer questions like “What will happen if I change all of my variables at the same time and at several different levels?”

Fractional Factorial Experiments:
These designs are great for determining the most important factors from that long laundry list of possibilities.

Process Optimization:
Answer the burning question: “How should we run the process to meet our objectives?”

Planning Experiments:
Plan your own trial to run back at your facility.

About the Workshop
Mesa Consulting Group, Inc. takes pride in making statistical training fun and easy! Tools are taught with hands-on examples using a catapult to simulate processes and generate data! Design Expert software is used to maximize learning and participants receive a 45-day trial copy so you can begin using the tools immediately upon return to your facility.