Process Mapping

Process Mapping is a workshop designed to take natural work teams through a structured process improvement methodology that works particularly well in service areas.   This methodology takes a holistic approach to process improvement, in that individual problems are not worked on in isolation from the entire process.   Understanding the process flow and how to improve it are emphasized.   The teams will work on their own processes during breakout sessions.

Active area teams charged with the improvement, redesign, and monitoring of their work processes.

Seminar Objectives
To enable teams to improve work processes resulting in increased customer satisfaction and reduced costs.  Specific accomplishments include:

  • Examination of customers, processes, and products
  • Development of a process approach
  • Ability to determine customer and business needs
  • Ability to identify key processes
  • Improved process understanding through the use of process map
  • Ability to identify improvement opportunities Sustained improvements
  • Sustained improvements


Two days

Mapping Work Processes by Diane Galloway

Introduction to Process Mapping
Team Selection

  • Mission Statement
  • Objectives


Select Processes

  • Definition
  • External processes
  • Internal processes
  • Process Selection Matrix


Process Definition

  • Customers
  • Participants
  • Stakeholders
  • Boundaries


Map the Primary Process

  • Steps
  • Format


Map Alternative Paths

Map Inspection Points

Improve the Process

  • Eliminate nonvalue-added steps
  • Develop and apply standards
  • Move inspection points forward
  • Eliminate inspection points
  • Chart and evaluate inputs and suppliers
  • Cycle time study
  • Move steps to another process
  • Design a parallel process
  • Automate steps
  • Training participants
  • Get feedback


Improvement Implementation

  • Documentation
  • Quality Plans
  • Training
  • Auditing
  • Feedback Metrics