Meeting Management

This seminar enables the participant to facilitate or lead meetings in order to maximize effectiveness.   Topics cover the anatomy of meetings and roles of the meeting participants.   Techniques to handle problem participants and meetings are also covered.  Keys to successful meetings are developed and discussed throughout the course.  Several meeting tools are reviewed.


Team facilitators, leaders or members.  Anyone tired of ineffective meetings that waste time!

Seminar Objectives

  • To enable participants to lead, facilitate or participate in effective meetings.  Specific skills accomplished include:
  • Ability to identify when a team should be used and prospective members
  • Ability to plan a meeting
  • Techniques for handling problem participants
  • How to stimulate participation
  • Understanding of personality types and the their impact on meetings
  • Use of team problem solving tools
  • Ability to evaluate and track meeting effectiveness



Two to three days (three days with problem solving methodology)


Basic Outline

  • Introduction
  • Anatomy of a Meeting
  • The Players
  • Roles
  • Personality types


The Meeting

  • Planning
  • Setup and kickoff
  • Monitoring and leading – listening skills, handling problem participants
  • Closing


Meeting Tools

  • Brainstorming
  • Nominal group process
  • Decision matrix
  • Affinity technique


Evaluating and Tracking Meeting Effectiveness