Leading Process Management

Leading a change effort is a difficult task.  This seminar will provide the change agent with a process improvement methodology, implementation plan, and training skills.  Participants will learn a process management methodology and how to use it in a team setting.  They will also be exposed to the principles of adult learning and will experience the design and delivery of a course module.

During the session each participant will draft a Process Change Plan for their facility.

Managers and engineers who are leading process change efforts

Seminar Objectives
To enable participants to lead process change through use of a methodology and ability to teach basic applications.   Specific results include:

  • Improved business results from training because of an understanding of how adults learn
  • More interesting training that appeals to various personality types
  • A plan for implementing a process change effort Increased management commitment
  • Improved presentations due to discussion and practice on training techniques
  • Ability to field questions due to an enhanced understanding of
  • Process Management Reduced reliance on outside support services and consultants

Four and one half days


  • Introduction
  • Process Management Methodology
  • Train the Trainer Concept

Platform Skills

  • Presentation Styles
  • Voice Skills
  • Visual Aids/media
  • Logistics

Process Management (Day 1)

Adult Learning

  • Learning Styles
  • Creating Value
  • Discovery Learning

Process Management (Day 2)

Process Change Plan

  • Assessment
  • Quality Council
  • Improvement Team
  • Resources

Teaching Preparation

Group Management

  • Handling Problem Participants
  • Positive Reinforcement

Teaching Workshop

Process Change Plan Development