ISO Internal Auditing

ISO/TS-16949:2002 Workshop Meets All Customer Specific Requirements including Ford!

This seminar enables the participant to conduct objective internal audits in accordance with ISO 9001:2000, ISO 9001:1994, ISO 9002:1994, QS-9000, or ISO/TS-16949:2002.   Sessions are conducted on-site to provide actual auditing practice.  Topics cover the Q10011 standard requirements for auditor training.

  • Knowledge and understanding of the standards
  • Assessment techniques of examining, questioning, evaluating, and reporting
  • Additional skills such as planning, organizing, communicating and directing audits

Employees who have been identified as internal auditors

Seminar Objectives
To enable participants to conduct internal audits.  Specific skills accomplished include:

  • Understanding of quality systems
  • Understanding of quality standards, particular emphasis on the relevant ISO standard, QS-9000 or ISO/TS-16949:2002
  • Knowledge of desirable auditor characteristics
  • Information gathering
  • Objectivity
  • Audit feedback

Two days (2 1/2 days for QS-9000 or ISO/TS-16949:2002)

Basic Outline Introduction

  • Quality systems
  • Quality standards
  • ISO 9001 (ISO 9002, QS-9000 or ISO/TS-16949:2002) clause overview
  • Auditing overview
  • Planning the audit
  • Conducting an audit
  • Checklists
  • Information gathering skills
  • Auditing practice (actual audits conducted in the host facility)
  • Reporting and feedback